Friday, 1 April 2011


Since doing the BA in Animation, i have learned so much more than what i had in the previous years, and glad that i stayed on to finish my course. With the current project i am doing which is called "Summers Treehouse" i am the director of the team, which is now the second time i have been a team leader for a project. This has been great for me because i have been learning many skills which i will need in the future. I have had to do a lot of problem solving with my team mainly due to our story line, we was at first given a time limit of four minutes for our animation and a few weeks later, we was told we had to cut it all the way to just over a minute. This was quite a situation as my team members had no idea of how our story could be cut down without just scrapping the whole thing. This took some time to solve but after a while i managed to solve the problem by taking elements from the story we were going to do and place into a new one, this was hard as at first i felt the story would not flow, so i took some elements of a previous story we had thought of to try and make everything run smoothly and for the timing to be right. Our project has taken may turns on the way which i have had to solve but have always ended with a higher result.
I also had to create a time schedule for myself and the other team members, so that they know the time scale they have in order to complete each task. creating this took quite some time as i had to know everyone's roles, and even though we all had our main areas, we also had to take on others which we are not so strong on as we are only a small team, so we have a lot more areas to cover than other groups. I created this through a programme called shotgun.

Here is a screenshot of Shotgun, you can see where i have created the roles for each member and had to create the time it should take for each task.

As well as sorting out the teams schedule i have also had to work on my own one, which doubled the work for me but as able to keep afloat with all the work.

Being the leader for the team has been hard, and i have had to face a few issues with our team, but i have been confident and spoke clearly on what has needed to be addressed and how to deal with them. I have had to make sure that everyone keeps with the deadlines given, which has been hard as we have had technical problems along the way.

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