Monday, 4 April 2011

Promoting Myself

For the last few weeks i have been working on my online website to promote myself to the world which some of my best work. I have other categorizes then just 3D modeling as i want to show that i have other skills. I have included some graphic design work which i done in college as well as my own personal drawing of myself with friends and fan art. The more skills i have to show i feel the better. I do not want people to think that i am only good in one area of art, i want them to realise that i have a wide range of skills within the art media. I have placed my 3D modeling first as a way to show that this is my main area and the rest go in order of what i think i am best at.
The website will be added onto as time goes by and i have produced more which will be pretty soon through my course. i also have my CV on there in which people can download to see what jobs and experiences i have had in the past. I am currently trying to create a new CV which will be more of a graphic design layout, as i want to show my creative side even through my CV, so that is will start out when they are going through others. This is only at a starting point and will not be completed at of yet. But i do have an updated CV with all the information a client would need to know.
The link to my website is:

Here is a quick look into how my website is coming along.

To help to get people to see my website i have created a group on the social website "Facebook" where i have added members into my group so that they can see my website and for them to be able to give me feedback on what they think weather if is positive or negative. This has already proven to work, as i had someone comment on there saying that i should sort out a show reel and get some images of constructive overlay of my 3D models, so that people can see the wire frame and get a clearer understanding of how i made my model.

Here is a screen shot image of my facebook group, and can see how many members i have as well as comments that people have already made.

As well as this i have set up a skill pages profile as well as a linked in profile so that i can start placing up my skills. This will be a great help as other people who may be in the industry looking for new clients may come across my page and be interested in what i have to offer. This is something which i shall be updating regularly to see what is out there.

Here is a few screen shots of the social networks i have joined, i know need to make sure that i update them regularly and to check other people on there to see what they have to offer.

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