Saturday, 26 February 2011

Square Enix

Square Enix originally known as Square Soft were the company who created my favorite game Final Fantasy VII. They have always been my biggest inspiration for wanting to work for the gaming industry.
I would love the opportunity to go and work for them, they are my goal to try and achieve in my life. So with this thought i have been doing some research into them and found out that they are only based around Japan and USA, although i already knew this, this has made me think that i would have to move across the world to try and work for them, which at the moment is very unlikely. I need to gain experience and get a career somewhere in England first and once i have all the experience and skills i need, only then can i think of moving. But another thing to keep in mind is that i may need to learn another language, for example Japanese. I have always wanted to travel there, so i have always had this thought in mind.
Most of Square Enix job roles want you to have at least four years experience in the gaming industry.

Here are some screen shoots from there careers section, above is for just one of the job roles within the industry. They only place up the experience you need when there is a certion job role available, but they are not currently looking for 3D modelers so i can not be completely sure on what experience i will need, but this gives me a rough idea on what i should be looking to aim for.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Little Introduction

I am currently doing my BA Animation at Ravensbourne which i nearly did not go along with. I completed my Animation foundation degree and was intending to leave to do a different course some where else, as i was not happy with what i had learned at Ravensbourne. After some hard thinking and with support from my dad, he made me realise that it was best to stay on to complete the whole course and finish with a BA Hons, instead of throwing that away to start over somewhere else. So with many thoughts going through my mind, i applied to stay on at the last minute.

So what do i want for the future and as my career you ask? Well since i was a little girl i had always been fascinated with video games. One of the video games which still lives on with me to this day is a game called Final Fantasy VII. The story line was so gripping and you got to learn about the characters and start to understand them as a person and relate to there thoughts and why they were such actions.
This was a ground breaking game and i would always think to myself, i want to do something like this when i am older, i want to learn how they create video games and how they create there story lines.
This has lived on with me for many years and when i found an animation course when applying for university i knew that course was for me.

Last year I went to a two day master class with Pixar who came to London. I ran at the chance to see what they had to offer, although this did cost me £350. It was totally worth every penny and i came out amazed and motivated to try harder and learn more. They had inspired me so much that i started to have thoughts of wanting to work for Pixar as they do a internship every year, and if you get chosen and do well then they keep you on to be a full time Pixar member of staff. With this coming to mind, i had a decision to make on weather i wanted to work for an animation company or video games. This was a very hard choice and took some good thinking, but i came to realise that i still wanted to work with video games because it had been my long term dream but with everything i had learned from Pixar, i could put into the gaming industry.

Now that i have a wider understanding of what is asked of the industry world and have experience with Adobe Maya. I know i still want to work for video games. But i now know that i want to be a prop and environmental 3D modeler for the gaming industry.
The best way for me to see things first hand is to get some work experience, but i have found this difficult as there are only post production companies around London. This has made me search a lot harder and have found myself at a bit of a dead end. Most gaming companies are normally in Japan in the USA.