Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Square Enix Europe

Today i found out something which could be a great help. I found out that there is a Square Enix here in England, and they are based in Wimbledon, which is only about 30 minutes from where i live, i was amazed to find this out. Sadly there are no job openings for the job role i am looking to go into. Three out of the five jobs currently going you have to be able to speak German and French and the other two are related to web design which i do not have any skills in. I know i would not be currently able to apply for any of these jobs, but now that i know there is one base in Wimbledon, there is a higher chance to be able to get into Square Enix, without having to try and learn another language or move home.

Now to be able to try and get a job, i will roughly need at least four years experience within a games company, i will need to have been involved in at least two games which will have been realised. I need to know how to work with a team and individually, be able to lead a team, know problem solving and time management. I have lots to experiment with and learn from trail and error but i am sure within time, i will have all of the above and be able to apply for my dream job.

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