Friday, 1 April 2011

3D Modeler

Last year i wanted to be an animator for gaming companies, and thought that would never change. But since doing the final year of my course, the job role has completely changed, which at first was a little annoying, i knew what i had to do in order to get into animating but have felt that i have had to restart all of this. But with that said, i am glad i now know what i need to do in order for me to now be a 3D modeler. Modeling for my project this year has been really enjoyable and have learned new skills since doing modeling. I even took on the role of character modeling, which is something i had never even touched before so i had no idea on where i was headed, but now i look at what i have achieved, i know i wouldn't be at the stage i am today if it wasn't for me staying on.
I have learned a lot about modeling, from vertex, to faces, to extruding and mirror, most of which i did not know before.
Now that i have learned so many new skills i now that i am starting to have what it takes to be a 3D modeler in the industry world.

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