Thursday, 3 March 2011


I have recently been trying to research for game companies around London which i may be able to try and apply for some work experience and after some searching i found a online social networking site where someone asked if anyone knew any gaming companies around London and was given this link:

This this found i was pretty shocked on how many there were in London, most of which i had never heard of but now i know that there are more companies out there then what i ever thought.

My next step is to find out about some information about a few different companies and then try to apply for some work experience. This all sounds easy but i know it wont go a smooth as to what i am hoping.
The one which is most local to me is in Croydon called "CoyoteDev" but once i done some research into them, i had found out that they do not exist anymore and that they are trying to sell there domain name. This is a shame because this may have been a company close to home which would have made life a little easier but sadly not, there is no contact details either as i was hoping to contact them to see what happened, but it seems to be a dead end.

So moving on the next closest to home is a company called "Splash Damage" who are located in Bromley. They are currently working on a game called "Brink"which will be there first game to be realised. They are currently only a small company but some of there staff have worked on previous games called "Quake" and "Mass Effect". The game trailers look very interesting and they look like a company i would be interested working for. With there contact details online, i decided to give them a call, i can get the information direct and i will not have to wait around for a reply from an email, which may never even happen. So, i gave them a call and they were very kind yet formal about how they are currently not doing work experience because they are only a small company, but they are hoping to be able to do so in the future and that i should keep trying.
This was a little disappointing but i understood as they have not even realised there first game, so they are not a big company as of yet and they probably do not have the money to do any resources.

Here are a few images from the Splash Damage website where i found out most of the information i needed. I shall keep this company in mind for the future and hope that they will start to do work experience in the near future.

Time to research into more companies.

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